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The process of heating the space we live or work in, is a basic need during winter months. The heating system should create a favorable -temperature wise- environment with as less energy consumption as possible which is relative to low cost. There is a great variety of heating systems nowadays. The choice of the right one is very important. It must be based on individual needs and requires a thorough study from a specialized engineer. Our company can offer you the solution to what you’re looking for. Feel free to explore our site or ask us by phone or e-mail. If you’re around you can always book an appointment so we can talk about what you’re looking for.
The term “air conditioning” means the regulation of temperature, humidity and quantity of air that enters and exits our space. Modern air conditioning units also filter incoming air through ionization thus upgrading air quality and taking away dust and other particles.
Once again there’s a great variety of air conditioning systems: hiwall split unit, free standing, portable, cassette or ducted air conditions. We can offer you whichever meets your requirements!
Hot water constitutes a basic need for every household or commercial building. There are multiple water heating systems and one must be careful in making the right choice that meets his/her demands. In our company you can find anything from electric and/or solar powered heaters, triple coil heaters to hot water heat pumps but also control systems that regulate temperature and time of hot water supply.
We can set up a complete water supply and sewage system. When required we also offer solutions for water supply using pressure boosters and pumps. For sewage, you can find special pumps and household wastewater treatment systems.
The prevention of fire and extinguishing a possible fire, besides lifesaving, is also a means to prevent our property from destruction. We can offer fire safety inspections and systems and provide you with the optimum solution, in order to avoid any unwanted situations. If you re the owner of any type of business and need a fire safety certificate we can carry out all the necessary paperwork for the fire Department.
With the ever increasing prices in fossil fuel and the information overflow regarding renewable energy technology for heating, cooling and hot water, it’s good to get expert advice before you make your choice. With us, this choice will be the result of information, measurements and calculations regarding your house or business and will be proportional to its size, place, use and numerous other parameters needed to be taken under account in order to produce the right solution.
Our 8 year experience in real estate appraisal enables us to help you chose and buy properties in our island at the right price. We can also help you with all the paperwork required to complete the sale/purchase. Visit our Real Estate page to see current properties for sale.


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Special Services

Project Management

We do our best to follow a schedule in any project so it is completed on the estimated time.

Multiple solutions for building renovations

We can take you through several approaches for building renovations or landscaping.

Project Discretization

We emphasize on each project’s particularities.

Analysis of client’s demands

We can discuss your demands face to face.

A multitude of alternative solutions

We always have more than one answer to your question.

2D & 3D design

We can make your dream come to life in two or three dimensions, on screen and paper.

After sales service

In addition to the solutions proposed and applied for the specific needs of each building and each owner, our business offers something equally important: after sales technical support. We believe that proper and efficient service from our part, for every product or installation in general that comes from us, will be supported by our specialized staff no matter when it was bought or installed.

Comparison of installation and running cost

During the last few years, there’s a plethora of information going round, regarding to the cost of an installation or an appliance such as a gas boiler or an air conditioning unit. However, there are two basic principles to consider before proceeding to the purchase and installation of such a product: a) the installation cost and b) the running cost. The relation between the two, resembles an iceberg floating into the ocean. (graphic).


If we spend more money on the purchase (bigger installation cost) we will find out later in time that we spend less money during its function (running cost). The opposite stands if we end up choosing a cheap solution in the first place.
So one should careful not only to look for the cheapest price to buy and/or install, but also seek for the optimum techno-economic solution for a longer period in time. You can come to us to work out this solution together.